Ceramic Braces

Have you ever thought about getting braces but hesitant because of the undesirable look of metal braces? Fortunately, we have an attractive alternative: ceramic braces.

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About Ceramic Orthodontics

The way which ceramic braces works is similar to metal braces, the only difference is that ceramic is more discreet and less visible. This appliance blends in naturally with your smile as it uses brackets and wires that are translucent.

Ceramic braces works best for adults who don’t want metal braces and yet are not qualified for Invisalign. As long as you follow the home care protocols, you should be able to achieve better results for the best outcome. You are never too old for braces if you think braces are only for the young!

Treatment Process

The treatment protocol for ceramic braces are the same as for traditional metal braces. Recurring visits are required to have the wires adjusted at monthly intervals. Most people complete their treatment in a couple of years. The dentist will be able to provide you with a clearer estimate of this time frame at the time of consultation.

Are You A Right Candidate?

Do call us for a consultation at Kent Dental Works to find out if ceramic braces are the correct choice for you.