Clear aligner

One of the greatest asset a person can have is a confident and beautiful smile. However, you may feel self-conscious if your teeth are crooked or misaligned. The good news is that without wearing any metal braces, Clear aligner offers A subtle and pleasant alternative solution for straightening teeth.

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What is Clear aligner

Removable clear aligners that straighten your teeth without fixed metal brackets and wires. The transparent trays fit over your smile like a retainer, gently exerting pressure to your teeth to move it into the proper position. You’ll have to change the trays every two weeks to see any progressive teeth movement.

Clear aligner is not only popular with young adults in their twenties, but also
with older people in their golden years. They are designed with adults in mind
and are a proven and invisible way to straighten teeth at any stage of life.

Advantages of Clear aligner

  • Removable during mealtimes and easy to clean
  • No irritating wire or brackets that causes painful ulcers in your mouth
  • Subtle, translucent material – people won’t know you are having braces treatment
  • Shorter, less frequent appointments – save on dental visits
  • Your lifestyle continues as normal during treatment – no need to avoid hard food like nuts or sticky sweet foods like chocolate.

Find Out if Clear aligner could be The Right Choice For You

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Ceramic Braces

Have you ever thought about getting braces but hesitant because of the undesirable look of metal braces? Fortunately, we have an attractive alternative: ceramic braces.

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About Ceramic Orthodontics

The way which ceramic braces works is similar to metal braces, the only difference is that ceramic is more discreet and less visible. This appliance blends in naturally with your smile as it uses brackets and wires that are translucent.

Ceramic braces works best for adults who don’t want metal braces and yet are not qualified for Invisalign. As long as you follow the home care protocols, you should be able to achieve better results for the best outcome. You are never too old for braces if you think braces are only for the young!

Treatment Process

The treatment protocol for ceramic braces are the same as for traditional metal braces. Recurring visits are required to have the wires adjusted at monthly intervals. Most people complete their treatment in a couple of years. The dentist will be able to provide you with a clearer estimate of this time frame at the time of consultation.

Are You A Right Candidate?

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Traditional Braces

Our dentist has years of extensive experience in orthodontic treatment. Traditional metal braces are a proven and effective method to remedy a variety of malocclusions (misaligned bites) in children, teens and adults. Most people qualify for conventional braces because of its straightforward function and mechanisms.

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Do I Need Braces?

Our dentist will take a series of photos, impressions for study models and full mouth X-rays to thoroughly evaluate teeth eruption and spacing. A treatment plan will then be proposed to correct the following conditions:

  • Teeth crowding
  • Multiple gaps between teeth
  • Cross bites
  • Missing teeth
  • Buck teeth

What to Expect With Traditional Braces

Metal braces are relatively easy to fix on. During the bonding visit, the dentist will bond multiple small brackets onto each tooth at a specific location after which a special wire will be inserted through the brackets and rubber bands will be used to hold it in place. Moderate pressure onto teeth is exerted by the curved wire ligature to bring teeth into proper alignment. Each visit, with younger patients especially, enjoy choosing the colour of the bands for different style and look when they smile.

Every 4-6 weeks, you will need to come back to have the wire adjusted or replaced to continue teeth movement. It takes about 1-2 years to complete the
treatment depend on the severity of the misalignment.

Do come for a braces consult at KentDental Works if you are keen to get braces for yourself or your children.

Orthodontic Appliances

Early intervention orthodontics may be required for your growing child. Issues like crowding, impacted teeth, crossbites, thumb sucking habits, premature tooth loss and speech irregularities are detected early during the orthodontic evaluation.

Orthodontic appliances are indicated for growth modification whereby proper tooth eruption and oro-facial development can be encouraged before braces are necessary.

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Types Of Orthodontic Appliances

Common fixed or removable appliances include

  • Palatial expander
  • Nance
  • Space maintainers
  • Hawley retainers

Early intervention treatment allows correction of smaller problems earlier and
encourage healthy biting patterns.

Speak to our dentist to find out if your child qualifies for early orthodontic