Welcome to Kent Dental Works Pte Ltd (KDW), thank you for visiting our page. We have setup a clinic at South Buona Vista, to serve the community, with a suite of dental treatment services. Our team of experienced Dentists on site, will diagnose and prescribe the relevant treatments required for adults and children.

The boutique sized clinic, is cosy and at street level, is ideally located before the main junction of Pasir Panjang Road. Kent Dental Works is an accredited Medisave & CHAS approved entity too.


Wisdom Tooth

Emergency Dental


Do browse the site carefully and select the services you require either as an Individual or Corporate entity. We will be pleased to discuss and propose the necessary solutions as a whole.

Last but not least, we aim to provide a reliable yet pleasant experience at our clinic for you, your family, your Organisation and of course the many friends and relatives too.

Send us your enquiries in the ‘Contact Us’ page OR book an appointment in the user friendly platform available here.


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