Our Technology


Our dentists use the advances in dental technology to provide a gentler more efficient dental care ensuring that services are less invasive and more affordable. The state of the art equipment allow us to detect and treat problems earlier.

  • DIGITAL X-RAY EQUIPMENT – with digital X-rays, the radiation dose is much lower allowing the dentist to screen for cavities and bone loss so that less invasive treatment can be indicated for your pearly whites. They are safer and take far less time to process than conventional radiographs,
  • ON-SITE OPG – OPG imaging is a type of radiography that captures your entire oral anatomy, allowing the dentist to see your jaws and wisdom teeth with ease and clarity. It is also fast and comfortable for the patient. The OPG X-ray is especially useful for wisdom teeth, orthodontic & implant treatment and more.
  • INTRA-ORAL CAMERAS – Patients can get an up-close view of what we see during your checkup and easily monitor any changes from one visit to the next, using our high resolution and magnifying camera to capture images of the areas throughout the oral cavity. This also aid patient in understanding their oral condition better.
  • IN OFFICE TEETH WHITENING – We use safe and concentrated whitening gel that helps you get dramatically whiter teeth in just an hour at the clinic. It is recommended to follow up with a take home whitening kit to maintain the results of the in-office whitening and enable you to do touch-ups as and when needed at home.
  • NICKEL-TITANIUM (NiTi) – We use Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) files with the VDW Silver motor-driven reciprocation motion to clean and shape the canals during root canal treatment. This enhances the outcome and increases efficiency compared to manual stainless steel hand files. Also, risk of instrument breakage is reduced due to the flexible nature of nickel titanium files.We invest in this to ensure that you receive the best that dental technology has to offer.

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