Dental implants are restorations that mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth and are indicated when you have missing teeth. They are strong enough to support multiple teeth as they are set in bone with a fixed restoration placed on top. Regardless how many teeth are missing, dental implants can be the right choice for you

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Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer superior benefits over other forms of treatment to
replace missing teeth which include:

  • Feel like natural teeth
  • Predictable success rate
  • Suitable for restoring single or multiple missing
  • Adjacent teeth are preserved in their natural states
  • Provide anchor support for prosthesis (denture)

What sets it apart from other treatment options is that you can avoid having to insert and remove oral appliances daily or trimming down healthy adjacent teeth.

Types of Implant Restorations

The dental implant fixture represents the “root” portion of your missing tooth, therefore you’ll need a fixed restoration over it, attached by an abutment. A crown is needed for single missing tooth, while a dental bridge for wider spaces of several missing teeth. A kind of denture, called an overdenture, can also be secured over several implants for extra support.

What to Expect During Your Implant Surgery

It is a relatively straightforward oral surgical procedure whereby only a small amount of local anaesthesia is required for you to feel comfortable. As compared to a tooth extraction, the recovery after implant surgery is much easier and simpler. Most patients don’t report any discomfort right after the surgery.

A Worthwhile Investment In Your Smile

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