Clear aligner

One of the greatest asset a person can have is a confident and beautiful smile. However, you may feel self-conscious if your teeth are crooked or misaligned. The good news is that without wearing any metal braces, Clear aligner offers A subtle and pleasant alternative solution for straightening teeth.

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What is Clear aligner

Removable clear aligners that straighten your teeth without fixed metal brackets and wires. The transparent trays fit over your smile like a retainer, gently exerting pressure to your teeth to move it into the proper position. You’ll have to change the trays every two weeks to see any progressive teeth movement.

Clear aligner is not only popular with young adults in their twenties, but also
with older people in their golden years. They are designed with adults in mind
and are a proven and invisible way to straighten teeth at any stage of life.

Advantages of Clear aligner

  • Removable during mealtimes and easy to clean
  • No irritating wire or brackets that causes painful ulcers in your mouth
  • Subtle, translucent material – people won’t know you are having braces treatment
  • Shorter, less frequent appointments – save on dental visits
  • Your lifestyle continues as normal during treatment – no need to avoid hard food like nuts or sticky sweet foods like chocolate.

Find Out if Clear aligner could be The Right Choice For You

Contact us at Kent Dental Works to schedule an Clear aligner Consultation or
another kind of adult braces that could be suitable for you


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