Crowns & Bridges

If you are unhappy about the way your teeth smile is shaped, the good news is that crowns and bridges can restore broken, worn, decayed or missing teeth back to its function and improve your smile. Fortunately, it only takes 2 visits to complete.

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A crown (also known as a cap) is a restoration that is used when badly
decayed or broken tooth can’t be repaired with a filling. It is placed over teeth to prevent the remaining structure from breaking apart during everyday use. It covers the whole tooth up to the gum tissue. Your crown is made of Custom-matched ceramic material, making it less noticeable when you’re around other people. Crowns are typically recommend after root canal treatments, on top of dental implants and when there is a large fracture or cavity.


You can replace missing teeth with a bridge if there are healthy teeth on either side of the space. Getting a bridge is a rather straightforward process to restore your smile. Bridges extend the width of the gap, anchored at each end with a built in crown that covers the supporting teeth. Similar to crowns, your bridge is made of porcelain that matches the natural colour of your teeth.