Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is a great way to preserve your teeth from deep decay or cracks that extends into the pulp and helps prevent recurring infection like abscesses. It involves removing the compromised nerve from the inside of your tooth and is painless when done with proper anaesthesia.

Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment is one of the restorative options that we offer to suit your oral health needs, which is a comprehensive approach to treat teeth to avoid an extractions or chronic recurring toothache.

The dying or infected nerve and pulpal tissues are removed during a root canal treatment. This helps eliminate discomfort and swelling around the affected tooth. This options will allow you to preserve and keep your natural teeth instead of automatically having them removed.

Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Your dentist may recommend a root canal if you have the following issues:

  • Decay that extends into the nerve
  • Toothache
  • Recurring pus-filled swelling on the gums next to tooth
  • Severe tooth fracture or wear

Once the root canal is completed, you‘ll need a crown to be made over your tooth. As the tooth is no longer alive after a root canal, they tend to be weaker and more brittle, so a crown is needed so that you can bite and chew normally again.

What To Expect During Treatment?

It takes longer for a root canal treatment to be done compared to a routine filling, but it feels similar as we numb the tooth first to ensure your comfort. A root canal can be done even with an abscess or swelling present and you’ll need to be covered with antibiotics after that.

Next, an opening is made in the center of your tooth to make an access to the nerve canal where the pulp tissues are removed and the canal cleaned & shaped thoroughly. Finally we will seal the canal to prevent reinfection. As the nerve receptors and blood vessels are removed from the tooth , you will not feel any more pain on a permanent basis.

Not Sure If You Need A Root Canal?

Do consult our dentist to find out if you need an endodontic therapy. The dentist will look out for signs of cracks, infection or decay. In addition to a small x-ray, special pressure or temperature tests may be applied too.

The Dentist will discuss the various types of treatment for your tooth. However, if the decay or fracture extends deep down to the root , then the other alternative is dental extraction.


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